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BMI Attention on Food Safety

The world is currently very concerned about the environment, especially the seafood sustainability. Food safety is the world’s concern; hence various regulations have been taking place from customers around the world. Importers in developed countries always follow the trends for the common good of people in the world and for the continuity of this earth. Various requirements are always put forward by export destination countries, for example, European government provides regulations on shrimp residues and are recommended to have anti-residue, anti-biotic, and small anti-heavy metals. This system is implemented by the government by issuing a process-eligibility certificate which has multiple levels. Therefore, if one wanted to enter the European export markets, one must be at the highest grade or level of certification. BMI views these requirements not as an export barrier, but on the contrary as a positive value in which a better life will happen in a better way.

In order to address this issue, BMI collaborates with Brawijaya University in conducting research on the environmental impact of its production. “We also think about what animals are in our environment, whether they are polluted or not. We spend massive costs for the sake of this research related to the environmental impact,” said Aris as the Director of BMI. This matter is being a concern because the environment issue is seen as very important for developed countries such as USA and European countries.

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